In 2013, guided by the artistic resurrection of La Villita’s arts community, a cadre of music lovers from San Antonio united their passion for music, in an effort to elevate live concerts in the Alamo City to the next level. Armed with a wide array of collective experience from different backgrounds, they organized a music festival in the heart of San Antonio’s historic downtown. As a result, the first annual Maverick Music Festival was born.

In 1939 Maury Maverick himself declared:

“Today (La Villita) stands as a forlorn ghost of vivid life and stirring events. Once the scene of art and culture, time has brought it down to a vile slum. Early steps must therefore be taken for its re-creation. Tomorrow it will stand as a symbol of the
accomplishments and sacrifices of the past, and as a Light pointing to the future.”
With this guiding principle, Mayor Maverick saved La Villita from demolition and spearheaded a holistic renovation of the village.”

Now, almost 75 years later, La Villita is a hidden gem in San Antonio’s trove of cultural assets: attractive, clean, and fascinating, but lacking sufficient programming and awaiting a new beginning. Maverick Music Festival was conceived in part to build upon Maverick’s vision and contribute to both La Villita’s long-term vitality and capital improvements throughout the village.

In this spirit, we continue to grow this festival, for the community, city, county, and culture. 2014 promises to continue the momentum created and contribute further to La Villita’s growth.

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